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20 years of results! FITT Transformation Center has been changing lives since 2000 as park workout, then quickly grew into a large training facility and is now a community with coaches around the country.

Our comprehensive, individualized coaching sessions and transformation programs deliver a personalized plan that is designed to help you reach and maintain their health and fitness goals. That’s because we believe in "Habit Stacking." We replace bad habits with good ones, reinforcing healthy lifestyle habits that make you look great and feel absolutely fantastic for the rest of your life. 


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20 years of results gives us the confidence that we will get you results.  Money Back Guarantee

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Project Me

ProjectMe is a 6-week challenge and provides effective nutrition, exercise and educational program that has transformed our client’s successfully over the last six years. Our new 6 week program can be done in your home. Private group coaching in a safe, supportive environment. Come check out what ProjectMe can do for you!!

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5-Day Flat Belly Fix Program-Zero Cost

If you're looking for a way to really transform your body in a short amount of time, an abs challenge is a good place to start. Building a strong midsection will help you get more out of every exercise you do, because your core is the source of your stability and power. The moves are all bodyweight abs exercises ideal for every level

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30-Day Booty Shaping-Zero Cost

Are you looking for a tighter tush? Oh, do we have a 28-day butt challenge for you.  This is the ultimate ultimate butt challenge that sculpts and burns—like, really, really burns developed by a certified trainer and body sculptor. Show your glutes some love with this 28-day booty challenge.



Our personalized approach to fitness begins with a free initial consultation and fitness assessment. Each person has a different set of fitness needs and needs to be coached separately. Custom meal plans, custom workouts, nutritional strategies that work for you and your lifestyle.

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